The Holy Rosary
Sorrowful Mysteries

Agony In Garden

Crowning with thorns

The Crucifixion

Jesus in Heaven

Scourging at the pillar

Carrying of the Cross

Mother Mary In Heaven

Cross In Heaven

The rosary is the most powerful and beautiful prayer given to us by Mother Mary to come close to Jesus.

Our Holy Rosary project is a visually immersive and helpful way to meditate on sorrowful mysteries. You can watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, or any device you can turn in 360 degrees or use a VR headset (it is available online for as little as the cost of a large pizza or even lesser depending on the upgrade you choose).

This unique experience attempts to portray our Lord’s immense pain and sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins and we believe it will help you when you say the rosary. It will make it easier for you to meditate on our Lord’s agony in the garden, scourging at the pillar, crowning with thorns,
carrying of the cross and the crucifixion, as you will see it all visually depicted in a new way. Some beautiful hymns, prayers and heavenly scenes have been added to bring about a more prayerful feeling.

We have done this with a very humble budget and have tried our very best to make this appealing especially to our youth (to encourage them to say the rosary in this special way) though adults may also find it useful, we hope. And say the rosary together.

We sincerely hope more and more people use this useful and engaging way to pray the holy rosary in this technologically advancing age.
May your experience be enlightening and deep and be blessed by our Holy Mother.
God bless you all.

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Share your Love with us

The project was created with help from some good Samaritans and if you feel this helps in bringing you closer to the Lord…do help us create the Joyful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries with more advancement, by helping us with any humble love offering to fund the creation of the other mysteries.

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